About Us

Founded in 1991, FISCO (Federal Insurance Brokers. LLC) is a Dubai-based insurance brokerage firm with branches in both Abu Dhabi & Dubai. Over 25 years, we’ve been involved in mitigating risks posed by the ever-changing business environment. Our product portfolio spans a wide spectrum of insurance products including: personal, commercial, specialist and life & medical.

FISCO was founded by Late MM Rai who was a veteran in the insurance business for more than 5 decades. He was the Chairman of M.R. Development & Commercial Co.Ltd (Cyprus) which held the Insurance General Agency of:

  • The Baloise Insurance Co.Ltd,. a Swiss Company. In 1975, Rai established the General Agency of this company in the Sultanate of Oman.
  • Assurance Generales De France IART & VIE – of which he established the General Agency at United Arab Emirates in the year 1977.

After the sad demise of our Chief Executive Mr. M.M.Rai, FISCO was handed over to his wife Mrs. Vani M Rai, and nephews Mr. Ashok Rai & Mr. Dewakara Alva. Combined, they have over 100 years of combined experience and knowledge in the insurance industry.

Over the years, FISCO has emerged as a progressive, professional and independent insurance brokering and consultancy firm, offering cost-effective solutions to mitigate risks posed by the ever-changing business environment.

The product portfolio spans a wide spectrum of Insurance products covering individual, commercial, specialist and life & medical services. Our individual line of products include: motor, yachts, personal effects, and house contents insurance. Life & medical products include: critical illness, life assurance, medical, personal accident, and travel insurance. The corporate line includes products such as property, liability, engineering, and marine insurance.

Our Advantage

As one of the oldest, reputed and respected insurance brokers in the Middle East, we have established a large portfolio of clients over the years.  We focus on maintaining a long lasting relationship with our customers because, for us, customers come first.  Over the years, we have developed exceptional relations with top insurance companies and that has helped us get the most competitive rates and services in the business.

We believe in:

  • Offering friendly, professional, and value-added services to our clients
  • Commitment and integrity
  • Obeying rules and regulations governing the insurance business at all times
  • Striving for excellence
  • Contributing to the community by supporting the insurance industry

Our experienced staff is there to assist you at any time of the day, with 24×7 customer assistance available.

Our Vision

FISCO aims to be the leading insurance brokerage in the region. We aim to quickly adapt to the ever-changing environment in terms of effectiveness and efficiency while simultaneously optimally servicing our clientele.

Our Mission & Values

We believe in offering exceptional value-added service to individuals and corporations and constantly improve our services in the best sought out way. We believe in communicating and educating our customers on an ongoing basis as we are keen on educating, protecting and delighting our customers.

We seek to nurture our employees in a dynamic environment and strive to create a place to develop and grow their careers. We achieve this by constantly training them on the job with our experienced staff.

We aim to satisfy our customers, employees, and suppliers. It is important for us to create a meaningful relationship and have a strategic direction in terms of long-term business development.

Our core values are: integrity, loyalty, sincerity, and hard work.

Our Team

We are 25 highly qualified professionals who are in the business for more than 10 years in the insurance industry. They have the skill set to tackle any issues, whether it is motor, medical, health, engineering or marine insurance. Rated as the best Insurance Broker in Abu Dhabi we enrich:

  • Sound market knowledge with over 25 years of combined local experience
  • Technical expertise with professionally qualified staff
  • Management expertise with trained management skills
  • Local and international insurers recognition
  • Customer recognition as a reliable & friendly company to do business with
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