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FISCO covers a broad range of sectors for the credit insurance in UAE. FISCO has more than 25 years of expertise in the banking, trading and finance sectors. We have assisted many companies to trade successfully, safely and with low risk to different nations. We reach our customers and their business to ensure that they have a profitable business. Our client’s profits are our prosperity and have an accomplished profile of credit insurance companies in Deira.

What is Trade Credit Insurance?

Businesses may wonder why they should have credit insurance in UAE. A business is burdened with so many different insurance policies. When any company signs up for buying or selling goods or its services to another country globally, then they are automatically placing themselves at a risk. Just in the event that a buyer does not pay or clear the bills for the goods and services that your business has rendered, then your company faces severe losses and it can prove to be detrimental to the business itself.

As per many business magazines, this is one of the topmost reasons why a business files for bankruptcy. In those times, credit insurance in UAE can be a boon and help your business out.

FISCO’s Role In Your Business

FISCO provides trade credit insurance in UAE and ensures sellers by providing them with an accounts receivable protection that is required to safeguard their business against factors like:

  • Customer default (customers not paying for the services or goods obtained).
  • Political events disrupting the business
  • Financial and economic reasons disrupting the business

FISCO provides insurance solutions that cover the entire trade activities of the customer like the total accounts receivables. We provide the best online tools to manage and set customer credit limits using the business ledger data. When a business partners with FISCO, they have more control and reassurance. Above all, businesses end up being more competitive without worrying about the risk in trade.

Features And Benefits of Credit Insurance in UAE

  • FISCO provides flexible plans and multidimensional coverage for their clients business. We also make the entire control autonomous at a very high level.
  • Trade credit insurance in Dubai is provided to businesses for domestic and international export of goods and services.
  • Frequent value added programs
  • Assistance in credit protocols of the seller and support management in account receivables.
  • A comprehensive and consolidated credit insurance plan for domestic and export of products and services
  • Multinational credit insurance programs
  • Trade finance
  • Coverage for non-payment due to insolvency or default in domestic and international trade for corporate trading companies.
  • For global trade we provide coverage for excessive loss or damage of goods, insolvency or default of the buyer. We also cover incidents where a buyer cannot transfer funds due to political issues in their country.

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If you need more information about the plans that we have for you, then you must speak with our brokers who can provide you with the necessary assistance in choosing the right insurance plan. You can send us a mail on or you may call us on 04 2664041.

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