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FISCO provides contractors all risk insurance plans in Dubai that are especially designed to provide complete insurance coverage for engineers and contractors who work in a highly volatile and risky environment. Accidents are very common in this profession as it involves scaling heights beyond our imagination and also other hazards like fire always lurk around the corner. FISCO takes care of material damage and as well as third party liability. Material damage covers physical damages, loss of property items, and damage to property caused by various factors. Whereas third party liability insurance covers the client for the liability towards the third-party like injuries and vehicle damages caused due to the contractors negligence.

Understanding Contractors All Risk Insurance

Contractors all risk insurance (CAR) is not one of those standard insurance policies that takes care of property damage in a general way. This is an insurance plan that covers third party liability and also the risks that the contractor faces in their everyday job profile. Damage to property can come in many ways including poor or improper construction and damages occurs while renovating and other mishaps included.

The third party insurance policy or professional engineer insurance covers people who are not involved with the construction and are people like transporters, sub contractors and other visitors to the site. Sometimes even physical property like cars and vehicles and other neighboring buildings might get damaged and this insurance policy covers all those damages. Anybody who is involved in the construction business must have this insurance policy to safeguard their interests.

How Does The Contractor All Risk Insurance Work?

The CAR insurance policy is usually taken jointly by the contractor and the employer along with other parties such as the financiers can be named on the insurance policy. All the parties involved can file for a claim with the insurer. The main aim of the CAR insurance policy is to ensure that all the parties are covered in the event of a mishap or damage, including professional engineer insurance.

This is a very foolproof policy and is quite fair in its deliverance. For example, if a contractor working on a property causes damage to the property through negligence, then the owner and the contractor can file for an insurance claim.

Insurance For Professionals Working on the Site

Engineers and assistant engineers also need an insurance coverage if they are working at the construction site. The professional engineer insurance takes care of the on-site workers insurance coverage. If they get injured while on the site, their treatment and physical damage is covered by this insurance policy. The policy covers all kinds of risks in a comprehensive way so that the owner of the property is not liable for the threat to life because of his or her property.

Our experts at FISCO ensure that they study the client’s profile and estimate the type of damages that can be caused and then they suggest the right comprehensive policy for the client. They also suggest ways and methods to bring down the coverage costs.

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If you need more information about the plans that we have for you, then you must speak with our brokers who can provide you with the necessary assistance in choosing the right insurance plan. You can send us a mail on or you may call us on 04 2664041.

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