Motor fleet insurance

Owning a fleet of cars as opposed to one car is a completely different ball game. For every additional car, the liabilities are directly exponential and imagine what would happen when one owns a fleet of cars. We, at FISCO, understand this about motor insurance and we offer comprehensive motor fleet insurance in UAE.

We have been in the insurance business for more than 25 years in the United Arab Emirates and we understand this business the best. Our presence is there in every single area of insurance needs and we cover most number of companies in this country. We have been the market leaders in providing motor fleet insurance in Dubai plans.

Here is What FISCO Can Do For You:

  • We provide full coverage for the entire fleet of cars and different brands of cars.
  • We provide full coverage for a mixed fleet of cars and business fleet insurance: – Different brands, 4×4, pickup trucks and so on
  • The coverage includes add-on (like road accidents and third-party coverage) and various other options like road assistance, RTA registration and Hire car facilities
  • A huge network of approved garages to meet your additional needs. For example if your vehicle breaks down, we give you a replacement vehicle until the car’s damages are covered.

As the business expands, more number of vehicles will be added to the fleet and the needs of motor fleet insurance in UAE also keep growing. FISCO provides tailored plans that are flexible and can be altered as the fleet grows.

Motor Fleet Insurance to Suit All Businesses

According to FISCO, a motor fleet insurance in UAE is very crucial to keep the business running smoothly and on a timely manner. At FISCO, we understand the criticality of the role of the fleet in the success of your business and we ensure that it is always running and never comes to a halt because of losses. If your business is valuable to you, our insurance plans add value to your business.

FISCO has further fine-tuned our motor fleet insurance Dubai coverage plans from basic to a comprehensive policy. We have plans that fit into the everyday requirements of a transport company. We have the ability to cover very small fleets to large fleets accordingly, so you can be assured that you are well protected.

We have many years of industry experience at FISCO, and we also have an expertise on working with the claims team of the motor fleet insurance Dubai company. We also work with an exhaustive list of car network providers who give you a replacement car when your vehicles break down.

Benefits of Our Motor Fleet Insurance in UAE

  1. FISCO provides personal accident business fleet insurance coverage that compensates the driver of the car in the event of a road accident. This also covers the medical expenses of the driver during the recovery period.
  2. Provides roadside assistance for emergencies. In case the vehicle breaks down in a remote area or a highway, we connect them to the assistance immediately.
  3. We provide a Hire-Car service that makes temporary arrangement of replacing the damaged vehicle until the car/vehicle returns.

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If you need more information about the plans that we have for you, then you must speak with our brokers who can provide you with the necessary assistance in choosing the right insurance plan. You can send us a mail on or you may call us on 04 2664041.

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