Strata Insurance

FISCO’s Strata insurance in Dubai, UAE, plan is designed in such a way that they factor in all the aspects of property insurance including the legal requirements that have been introduced in Dubai. We, as one of the leading Strata insurance brokers in Deira, offer specialized plans to protect the assets of people who own the property jointly or individually. We cover the liability for any type of financial shortfall that is common to occur with permanent assets.

What Are Strata Insurance Plans?

Strata insurance in Dubai, UAE, plans are fully fledged insurance policies that offer coverage for accident damage and a range of the risks that the owners usually encounter. We, at FISCO, also offer full replacement value for the property and other insurance companies just offer the market value. In case the building is damaged completely, the insurance plan will cover the cost of rebuilding the entire property and also replacing all the permanent fixtures.

We as Strata insurance brokers in Deira typically cover the contents owned by the OA, and the property owners are advised to insure the contents of the property as well as permanent fixtures and electronic items.

Strata insurance in Dubai, UAE, plans typically covers the following:

  • FISCO provides complete protection for jointly owned properties (properties owned by two or more people) and individual properties (sole ownership). We give 100% insurance protection plans for these properties.
  • It complies with the regulations and requirements of Dubai’s legal system. There are many laws and regulations as per Dubai laws that need to be followed.
  • Addresses all insurance needs by factoring in all the additional limits to plan like external buildings that are not attached to the property (A garage for example).
  • Factors in risk management for the buildings and assesses risk factors beforehand. A building in certain areas can be more liable to damage like the coastal properties for example.
  • FISCO appoints a panel of experts in the process, who work with your property insurance needs.
  • Covers special items and contents under the Strata insurance brokers in Deira scheme. Special items are those which are not a part of the original insurance scheme, like driveways, garage, and out-house for example.

FISCO’s Insurance Products and Coverage

FISCO prides itself in the client’s happiness and has complete knowledge of strata coverage and its criticality. We entirely understand your worries as a property owner in the ever changing landscape of property rules. But do not worry because we at FISCO have the adaptability and flexibility enough to transform your worries into confidence by insuring your property.

How Does FISCO Strata Cover the Property?

FISCO’s Strata insurance in Dubai, UAE, offer coverage of the property for losses due to accidents, loss and damage to the belongings, and also replacement of property as per the sum insured with the company. The market value of that day or year is not taken into consideration.

A lot of events of damage are taken into consideration like fire accidents, earthquake, lightning strike, storm, aircraft crash, water damage, riots, civil commotion, and malicious damage to the property, vandalism, theft and breakage of accessories on the property.

FISCO’s experts ensure that the strata laws of safety and protection are followed perfectly. Varied services like property valuation are also offered apart from the coverage.

The risk management services offered by FISCO are designed to serve the needs of the property owners accordingly. They have been built by experts who perfectly understand the risk and the potential losses involved. The experts have great knowledge which comes from several years of industry expertise, market awareness, so that they can manage the risks of joint property and individual property owners.

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If you need more information about the plans that we have for you, then you must speak with our brokers who can provide you with the necessary assistance in choosing the right insurance plan. You can send us a mail on or you may call us on 04 2664041.

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