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Home insurance UAE plans are coverage plans that cover your house and all its belongings from different types of events. Just like any other insurance plan, one single plan does not fit all the properties. Home owners insurance has to be tailor made as it depends on several factors. FISCO has been in the insurance industry for many years and we understand the United Arab Emirates property landscapes the best. We know the landscape so well that we understand what a property owner in this country should be insured for exactly. We just do not offer home insurance in UAE and charge you for something that is not absolutely required. For example flood damages that can be caused.

About Home Owners Insurance

Home insurance in UAE comprises different types of coverage that help to repair or replace damages and also belongings of the house when there is need. If they are damaged due to natural disasters or perils like fire or storms, this property insurance plan covers you.

If a visitor gets injured on your property due to your negligence of something, the plan covers their hospitalization and treatment. There are many things that a home owner needs to take care of apart from being a proud owner of the property.

Home Owner Insurance Coverage

Home insurance UAE plans cover basic but crucial protection needs. However, one can add a few more coverage plans to the existing insurance plan. A typical homeowner insurance plan will cover damages caused by fire accidents, lightning bolt strikes, storm damage, and hail storm. Many insurance companies may not cover damages caused by natural disasters like earthquakes and floods. For coverage from this, you will need to purchase a separate plan. However, there are various types of house insurance plans that a home owner should know about. They can be added on to your existing plan:

  • A dwelling protection plan is a very basic home insurance in UAE that covers the house structure and all the structures and extensions attached to it like the garage and the storage rooms in case of damage.
  • Additional structures can also be included in the home insurance in UAE plan to cover the structures that are detached from your main property and are a little away from the main structure. For example, it may be an additional garage, servant quarters or an outhouse.
  • A personal protection home owners plan covers the basic structure of the house along with the belongings in it like electronics and various other expensive items that is inside the house.
  • Liability protection plan is something that covers your interests in your property. Due to your negligence of maintaining your property, if a visitor gets hurt badly, this policy will help cover the costs of medical aid to the visitor and a law suit due to the incident.

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If you need more information about the plans that we have for you, then you must speak with our brokers who can provide you with the necessary assistance in choosing the right insurance plan. You can send us a mail on info@fisco.ae or you may call us on 04 2664041.

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