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If you are looking for a travel partner in the UAE, then do not look further because FISCO is the best travel insurance Dubai agency in the entire country. FISCO has been in the insurance business for more than three decades now and we know insurance like nobody else’s business. If you’re traveling overseas or within the Middle East, having travel insurance keeps you secure with the knowledge that you are covered in case of emergencies. We offer many tailor made plans for different types of travel needs.

What Is Travel Insurance?

International travel insurance is a type of coverage plan that covers you and your belongings you are traveling to a different country or a city. Air travel is usually safe, however, there may be emergencies at times and one does not know the course of time. Whether it is a holiday or a business trip, you will definitely need to be insured for various types of emergencies like plane crash, loss of luggage and other unforeseen events.

What Does the Travel Insurance in Dubai Cover?

Travel insurance Dubai coverage covers the various aspects of travel. At FISCO, we offer the most comprehensive travel insurance packages for our customers. Our experts understand the needs of travel and what does traveling mean, so the insurance package has been designed accordingly. Some of the things that the travel insurance covers are:

Luggage coverage

Travel insurance and holiday insurance covers your luggage and all its belongings. Many times airline personnel misplace or just lose the luggage in transit and it is a very common scenario and especially in international travel.

Important documents and cash:

If you lose any of your important documents like passport and the cash or traveler’s cheque, a travel insurance and holiday insurance covers them and will help with the costs of replacing it. Many plans also return the cash that you have lost, but the lost money has to be in the form of traveler’s cheque and not physical cash.

Cancellation of tickets

For an exigent reason, if you had to cancel your travel, it can cost a lot for a last minute cancellation. Travel insurance can help to cover the losses incurred due to last minute cancellation. Cancellation can be due to natural disasters to the final destination and if you are stuck in transit, travel insurance in Dubai will help with the costs of reaching back home.

Medical emergencies

If you fall sick, or get hurt or need to be hospitalized during your travel, domestic or international, travel insurance will cover the costs of medications and hospitalization.

Identity theft

It may sound funny but it is the most common kind of theft these days. People no longer steal gold or money but they steal data and that too your personal data. An identity theft can cost you very dearly because everything from your bank account and credit cards and every kind of financial asset is compromised. This happens very often during travel and travel insurance in Dubai will cover the loss caused by identity theft.

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If you need more information about the plans that we have for you, then you must speak with our brokers who can provide you with the necessary assistance in choosing the right insurance plan. You can send us a mail on or you may call us on 04 2664041.

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